Your teams are the key to success of your business. We can help you build better streamlined and effective teams.

You may have observed an organizational enthusiasm as going back and forth. So you probably have, wrongly, no appetite for a new ephemeral approach. However, companies are changing, and changing rapidly. Companies that thrive in a new environment will be those that embrace this change.

New trends emerge: people are looking more and more to meaningful work. They want to feel engaged in their work, be part of a real team and be seen as a whole person.

If you want your teams to work well, members need to feel safe and commit to share their ideas and inconvenience.

Using the model of the Matrix, you can train your team to use a perspective that maximizes the connections with their individual and collective values , promotes healthy disagreements and increases their sense of involvement and commitment to work decisions.

Our intervention will also give you the chance to choose the indicators that are relevant to your business and to help you measure the effectiveness of our response.



  • Engage your staff and your team to actively pursue your organizational goals and create value for your business.
  • Increase productivity through the implementation of collaborative decision-making by people involved in the decision.
  • Create a supportive feedback culture that encourage your members to give the best of themselves.
  • Increase the retention rate by bringing your people to value their work for its contribution.
  • Design an individualized reward system that meet the needs and values of your employees.
  • Create a flexible company that can adapt to changes and new challenges.
  • Put your values in action with your members, customers and the entire community.