Nadine Hemmer and Benji Schoendorff talk about the origins of the ACT and Coaching workshop, and how the depth and flexibility of the ACT approach works so well in a coaching context. Here is an extract of their conversation, which you can watch in full in the video.

Nadine: I love the creativity we both bring to this work. We have developed different practices around the use of the ACT approach in coaching, and what I like is the way you have brought all your expert knowledge of the field, as well as your flexibility of approach to the coaching process itself. We start from the standpoint of coaching and look at all the ACT processes, asking how they can enhance the psychological flexibility of our clients, but also of ourselves.


Benji: Psychological flexibility, for those who are not familiar with the term, is simply a way of talking about this kind of superpower, or meta-skill, which enables us to do what matters, no matter what. In a coaching context, this is an absolute key, to be able to identify what matters and how to move in a positive direction no matter what shows up, whether the obstacles are external or internal.

One thing I really like about the way you integrate ACT and coaching in this workshop is that it is not so much a protocol you have to follow, but integrates very closely with the ACT model, which itself rests on a very clear, precise and useful theoretical basis. It takes what coaches are already doing with their clients, what they’re already doing well, and integrates it with ACT, giving them new tools to make them even more effective with their clients, and also with themselves.

Nadine: Yes, it’s helpful both for the resilience of our clients, and with the resilience of ourselves. How can we invite our clients into a space which is secure, compassionate, and self-compassionate, as well as being mindful?

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