Want meaningful work?

We put our values in action in the workplace

At the CPI, we believe our motto of putting your values in action shouldn’t just apply to the clients we train or consult with, but just as much to every member of our team.

Here’s the question that we ask of our team members: how can the CPI put your values in action? Turns out the answer to this question leads to a complete rethink of how our business is organized. We have moved to a fully self-managed form of organizations. We have no bosses and no reports. Everyone can make the decisions that most concern them.

Think about it. We do our very best to raise children to be autonomous thinkers and their own persons. So why should we expect everyone in a business apart from the top executives to be treated like children and told to follow rules and instructions devised by someone else. What was the point of growing up again?

We believe treating people like children in the workplace is not only an insult to the human spirit, it makes little business sense. People who do a task are best placed to know how best to do it. After all, we are trusted to make major decisions like choosing a life partners, having children and managing our own finances, why should we not be given the opportunity to use our full creativity in the workplace?

Who is more likely to give their best? People who are told what to do or people who control what they do, how they do it and who get to decide? One of the most elusive goals in organizations is staff engagement and real teamwork. We believe giving people control over what they do is the most effective way to motivate them to do their best.

This is why have the CPI we have joined the growing ranks of Teal organizations, businesses who treat their staff as full humans able to make informed decisions about all that concerns them: their work, their compensation, their benefits and our organization’s direction. When you are member of the CPI, you can put your values in action as part of your daily work routine.