Emails. Calls. Accounting. Technical support. Problem solving. Team management. Customer services. Booking. Is the definition of administrative assistant limited to that? Is the role of an employee limited to a list of tasks?

As seen before in CPI goes TEAL and if we relearned our choices?, Contextual Psychology Institute is heading now towards a teal organisation.


What does it mean? Concretely?


After a few experiences in various administrative offices, I was able to witness first-hand the traditional application of corporate administration, and even the secretariat of any organization.

Previously, our work followed a linear structure, very conventional in Quebec, where the bosses examine, structure and direct the decisions of the whole company, all fields combined.

Typical situation on Tuesday morning, 8:05 am:

I find a technical problem related to customer billing, again. Now I have to reach to the most accessible manager on site, he will make a decision regarding this situation, so I can apply it.

Today, according to the decision-making processes of the TEAL, we aim more at bringing out the strengths, experiences, expertise and interests of each member. We are transforming ourselves too. From performers, we become leaders of our own work.


How does it work?


The day-to-day management of operations is administered very simply. We are now using a new consulting process:

  • Someone notices a problem or opportunity and takes the initiative or warns someone better placed to do so;
  • Before making a proposal to other members of the team, the decision-maker may seek preliminary advice;
  • The decision-maker then makes a proposal * and seeks advice from those affected by the decision AND from those with expertise;
  • The decision-maker takes the decision and informs all the persons consulted;
  • The decision maker follows up on his proposal OR requests someone else to do so.


Typical situation on Tuesday morning, 8:05 am:

I observe a problem in my work, think about possible avenues of solution, speak to my colleagues who will be impacted by my decision so that they help me and support me in my reflection (by their advice), shares the decision taken with the persons concerned by it and makes it its daily application. My boss (who is unaffected by a billing issue) received no email, was not even aware of the change. For my part, I am proud and happy to have contributed something to the company and its operation. It’s AWE-SOME!

*  Many specifications are applicable.



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