Jean-Marc Perreault



Jean-Marc Perreault, M.Ed. is a member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec. Having worked in northwestern Canada for 10 years, he is currently based in the Lanaudière region where he practices in private practice. Having discovered ACT in 2013, he integrates this approach into his daily work. He is also increasingly involved in the ACT community where he finds himself among rich people of the most nourishing humanity. With innovative training in participatory team management and meetings, he also gives training to various organizations and companies.

He is known for his passion and ability to convey content in an engaging way. He is currently working on a multidisciplinary clinic project that will be based on the integration of the underlying principles of ACT. Jean-Marc is the father of four children, including a couple of twins. He enjoys spending time with his family, he loves learning and team projects stimulate him deeply!