Contextual psychology is a new behavioral science dedicated to the development of the person. It takes into account the whole person: his life story, its culture and its capabilities as well as its values to help each person to choose what will work best for her.

ACT – Acceptance and Commitment therapy (or training) – is an approach based on the contextual psychology. ACT provides individuals and organizations with practical tools for identifying what is important to them (their values) to advance to their values even in the presence of obstacles such as fear, negative thoughts or painful memories. This “skill” called psychological flexibility is the key to living in line with its values.

The ACT Matrix is an intuitive diagram that helps put psychological flexibility into action. So simple a child can understand (as Thomas, 5 years old, the son of Marie-France and Benji). The matrix is so powerful it can help individuals, groups, organizations and companies put their values in action, overcoming all sorts of obstacles – and have fun! Use the matrix is so simple that our goal is to distil is essence and put in the drinking water of the city.