We wrote this ebook to provide you with the power of the six steps of the ACT matrix. Full of tools and directly applicable exercises and without a line of blah-blah, we believe it can permanently change your professional life. But that’s not all. It can also help you be more efficient with your clients and help you no longer report problems to your clients’ home.  Because you are also significant.


Our heads tell us that you will love this ebook, you’ll EVEN ask for more! After following these clear and simple steps, you can’t help yourself to bring psychological flexibility into your clinical practice and in your life!

I think this is exactly the kind of book that clinicians need, clear, concise and applied! It is filled with exercises and examples that I have already started practicing in my life everyday. I definitely recommend it.

Cloé Fortin, Montreal, Quebec

I read this ebook in three hours! Some concepts that I found complex initially appeared to me much simpler now. Thank you Benji !

Ariel Desjardins-Charbonneau, Montreal, Quebec