Les programmes ainsi que les ateliers proposés par l’Institut de Psychologie Contextuelle (IPC) ne donne aucune « certification » ACT en tant que tel. Nous pensons que l’important est la qualité de votre formation. Nous ne certifions, n’accréditons, ni approuvons les thérapeutes ACT, car cela vient va à l’encontre des valeurs de l’ACBS.

Vous pouvez consulter nos valeurs de formateur ACT ACBS reconnu par les pairs en cliquant ici.

Association for Contextual Behavioral Science


You can find all the professionals listed as an ACT therapist on the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS) website. These are ACBS members who have identified themselves as an ACT therapist and are available for consultation.

You would like to meet or recommend a professional in Quebec?


Write us at and we will be pleased to refer you to a professional applying ACT, and even the Matrix, in his/her clinical practice.

CPI is proud to support ACBS, the Association for a Contextual Behavioral Science ( We also support the Quebec ( and Ontario ( chapters of ACBS. Fast growing ACBS is a unique scientific community. An island of cooperation in an often highly-competitive world, it brings together basic and applied scientists, practitioners, therapists, organizational consultants and folks interested in a psychological science better suited to the challenges facing our human societies. A values-based organization, you can join ACBS for as little as USD13 (or more in line with how you value the association) and get access to a treasure-trove of scientific articles, book chapters, presentations, podcasts and an international discussion forum where any question you can think of will be answered and where you’ll get to experience the power of a supportive scientific community. Finally, ACBS it’s also yearly World Conferences and other events, which are universally rated as the most fun you can have at a psychology conference. As our friend Kelly Wilson likes to say, the closest psychology gets to Rock and Roll!