Olivia Beaulieu-Denault



Dynamic, passionate and warm, Olivia likes to integrate different therapeutic approaches with her clients. His mission? Encourage the development of new skills in order to help the person manage more effectively certain painful thoughts and emotions and advance towards his life goals that are important to him. She holds a doctorate in psychology from Laval University (D.Psy) and offers psychotherapy services in French to adults and teenagers, including stress and anxiety, exhaustion at work , depressed mood, relational problems, self-esteem and emotional regulation / impulsivity.

The therapy that offers Olivia is interactive and focused mainly on the present. Nevertheless, she is interested in the opportunity to the blessings of the past in order to better understand the difficulties that are occurring in the present and to help the person to advance it. To do this, she uses acceptance and commitment therapy as well as cognitive-behavioral approaches of the third wave, based on deep awareness. That said, she attaches great importance to the therapeutic relationship she co-builds with her clients. It is important for her that this relationship is full of trust, openness and collaboration. Olivia sees the therapeutic relationship also as an opportunity for the client to better know himself in relation and to evolve on this aspect.