Frédéric Piot

Guidance counselor


Nicknamed the ” globe-trotter of the job “, to believe that Frédéric definitely does not hold up, because after being audiovisual reporter and journalist, computer consultant, audiovisual representative, entrepreneur and restaurant manager ; he finally decided, a few years ago, to put his bags in the field of vocational guidance! Phew! It was time for him to catch his breath and, thanks to the ACT, a little more is deposited to commit himself in the long run towards this account really in his eyes: to help individuals to give more meaning to their professional life. A long detour to get back to essentials!

In addition to his private practice in vocational guidance, Frédéric pursued a Ph.D. in Education at UQAM, with the aim of developing and evaluating a psychosocial support program for individuals faced with an impasse professional. His role is to help you make the best possible decisions about your career or education.

” To lose oneself is not to take the wrong road, it’s forgetting to explore the path ”