The ACT Matrix : 6 steps to surpercharge your ACT practice – Perth, Australia

Monday, 1 May 2017 - Tuesday, 2 May 2017

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This workshop is not a lesson on the ACT and instead of taking to you about the ACT, Benjamin will make you practice, in the light of your own experience, an exercise for each steps that you be able you put in practice as early as Monday morning with your clients, including the more difficult one.




Do you sometimes feel lost in the jungle of theories and approaches? Do you dream about formative workshops that are concretes, directly applicable and fun? If so, consider the following three questions.

Do you want to :

  • Improve you clinical efficiency;
  • Improve your professional satisfaction;
  • No longer consider your clients, even the difficult ones, as “problematics”?

In this workshop hosted by Benjamin Schoendorff, you will learn to put in action the power of the six steps of the ACT matrix.

The ACT matrix is an integrative approach: concrete, applicable, easy to practice and to share with your clients, it will allow you to release yourself from the weight to try and make your clients change or to find them some solutions. Due to the point of you of the matrix and throughout a series of powerful exercises, they will learn of to find their own solutions in order to retrieve the way to a life in line with their own values-and yours.

This workshop form Benjamin, that layers the base of the approach of the ACT matrix, is one of the most asked workshops in the world. Come discover why and how it can widen your clinical practice and your personal life.